Here are some blog articles relating to environmental problems so you know what you need to solve!

10 Environmental Impacts of Tourism

According to the United Nations World Tourism Organisation international tourist arrivals have risen from 25 million a year in 1950 to 1.4 billion a year now. An increase of over 50 times in under 70 years. This is just international arrivals too and does not take...

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Are GMOs good or bad for the environment?

The subject of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) has become so controversial that it sometimes seems like we are beyond the point of rational conversation. The opposition to this way of producing crops for food has become so ingrained in the philosophy of many...

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8 Negative Ways Factory Farming Affects the Environment

As we progressed as a species we moved from hunting wild animals to keep ‘livestock’; animals raised in controlled conditions for the sole purpose of consumption. This has lead to 2 billion people now eating a primarily meat-based diet. This figure is rising year on...

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Do Plastic Bags Get Recycled?

  These days plastic is everywhere we look, it might make up the chair you are sitting on or the computer screen you are reading from. It is an incredibly useful material that we have become reliant on as a species. One use of plastic that is almost daily in many...

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What Are The Effects Of Air Pollution On Animals?

  Pollution comes in many forms, from plastic pollution to chemical substances entering our waterways. But one of the biggest forms of pollution is pollution of the air. This is a growing global environmental problem which comes in many forms and therefore causes...

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