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Food waste is a huge environmental issue and one that often doesn’t get as much attention as it perhaps deserves.

We often look to shift the blame to producers and supermarkets but actually, we may be more to blame than you think. Here in the UK for example households are responsible for well over half of all food waste in the country, with the average family throwing away a quarter of the weekly shop, this is approximately £800 of food per year, and collectively adds up to £15 billion. £15 billion of food in landfill.

And it isn’t just the emissions of the food in the landfill but the pointless environmental costs to get it there. You often have the biodiversity loss caused by the production of the food in the first place, then the transportation costs to get it from all corners of the earth, then the refrigeration costs and packaging, all to end up in the bin…..

Well if everyone in the UK is doing it we clearly need some disruption to change this and this episode’s interviewee has an app that is already starting to tackle this issue on a global scale.

In this episode, I speak with Tessa Cook who co-founded the company Olio back in 2015.

Olio is an app that aims to tackle the problem of food waste by in their words:

Connecting neighbours with each other and with local businesses so surplus food can be shared, not thrown away. This could be food nearing its sell-by date in local stores, spare home-grown vegetables, bread from your baker, or the groceries in your fridge when you go away.

The app is already taking off in a big way and is very exciting. In the episode I ask Tessa how the idea for the app started? How did they get from idea to product? How does it make money? and what other benefits an app like this may have such as building up local communities that are starting to disappear in many areas. 


If you want to find out more about Olio head to

Or find them on twitter @olio_ex